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Self expression is one of our most dominating traits as human beings.

One of the greatest forms of self expression, is what we wear out in the world everyday.          











Ever since I can remember, t-shirts have been the greatest art medium for every imaginable expression out there.

We all have our favorites, right? 

The journey of the t-shirt began in my older brothers shirt drawer. He always had the coolest shirts, that no one else around had... thanks to his crazy travels.

Sneaking out a shirt to fit my mood for the day became a regular habit. Of course there was the occasional brotherly love taps when he found out.

But, it was worth wearing cool shirts.

Then, when I discovered how to print t-shirts, known as screen printing...

My mind nearly exploded in the awe of such beautiful wonder.

You mean now I could make my own cool shirts, that is AWESOME!!!

Know I now for most people that's no big deal,

For this guy, it was that life changing AWE HA moment.

Ever since then my time has been mastering the art of screen printing.

MoodyTees was created the moment I discovered this amazing art form. The idea that I could share cool shirts with others and build a tribe of people who stand out with their mood for the day proudly worn on their chest, became my mission.

You will find a variety of unique designs that will fit your mood for every occasion. If you can't find something that fits, let me know and I will do my best to make it happen.

Let's journey together and show the world how awesome we are.

MoodyTees™ is dedicated to providing apparel and accessories for every mood, so that when you step out into the world you can express your mood for the day in style.

Wear Your Mood and Wear It Proud!!!

Thank you for visiting MoodyTees™


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